Green energy - Levy exempt Certificates

The government strategy to combat climate change in accordance with their Kyoto protocol undertakings is two pronged.  The first to provide financial incentives for business to reduce energy consumption by increasing energy costs with the application of the Climate Change Levy (CCL).  The second to provide a financial incentive to displace fossil fuels with renewable energy by providing renewable generators with additional revenues in the form of CCL exemption certificates and Renewable Obligation (RO) certificates.
The Renewable generators are awarded Climate Change Levy Exempt Certificates (LEC's) which can be sold to electricity suppliers who then sell them with electricity supply as Levy Exempt electricity, often loosely referred to as Green electricity which is not strictly correct. Please see the menu for the page "Green explained".  Should you require any further information please contact us.

If you are a renewable generator then it is imperative that you obtain quality advice as LEC's have a big impact on your economics and/or project viablity.  Contact Guardian Energy for advice

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