Green energy - Climate change levy

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) was introduced in 2001 in order to provide a financial incentive to business to reduce energy consumption in order to help combat global warming and assist the government to achieve their Kyoto protocol undertakings. The residential sector is exempt from CCL but all industrial and commercial customers are required to pay CCL. It is the energy suppliers obligation to collect CCL from their customers and their compliance is audited by HM Customs and Excise.
Fortunately for energy intensive users, they are allowed discounts on the CCL up to 80% although each site discount is calculated separately. Whilst it is not possible to avoid the CCL, customers may buy CCL exempt electricity - therefore no CCL would be payable but the supplier is likely to charge a premium equal to the CCL. Many people consider CCL exempt electricity to be “Green” electricity although this is a complex area – please see the page "Green explained"

The CCL is a government defined levy and has remained constant to date but is likely to rise in the future. The current rates are as follows:-

Electricity 0.43p/kwh
Gas 0.15p/kwh
Coal 1.17p/kwh
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