Green energy - Green explained

The term "Green Energy" is often used but rarely understood as there are many shades of green, meaning different things to different people.  Many consider that if their electricity supply is Climate Change Levy (CCL) exempt then it is green energy whereas it may merely be CCL exempt electricity.  Stating the obvious, there is a significant difference between wind turbines and waste incineration.

The sources of CCL exempt electricity are wind turbines, landfill gas generation, bio-mass generation, wave power generation, some combined heat & power (CHP) schemes, waste incineration etc.

Many would agree that the greenest of green electricity is produced by those generators that receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC's) in addition to CCL Levy Exempt Certificates (LEC's) and these include wind turbine, bio-mass generation and wave power etc.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme previously known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) - This new CRC scheme affects all customers with Half Hourly metering (medium & larger customers), but if the scheme applies then the energy consumption is extended to include all other energy sources and all sites within the group of companies.  Exemptions exist for those customers with a CCA or those with an annual consumption of less than 3 million kwh/annum but those customers using in excess of 3 million kwh/annum will have reporting requirements and those with consumption in excess of 6 million kwh/annum with additional administration and costs.  These additional costs can be mitigated by improved energy efficiency.  We would be pleased to assist customers in providing both advice and support services.

Whether you are a renewable generator or a customer, then contact Guardian Energy for advice on this complex area.


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