Glossary - Gas

AQ:     Annual Quantity

Bar:     The unit of pressure that is approximately equal to 1 atmosphere.

BOM:     Balance of Month

Calorific Value:   The ratio of energy to volume measured in Mega Joules per Cubic Metre

CCL:     Climate Change Levy

Cubic Metre:   A volume, approximately equal to 35.34 cubic feet.

DC:     Data Collector

Exit Zone:   A geographical area within an LDZ which, on a peak day, receive gas from a group of offtakes.

Firm:     A supply that under normal events would not be reduced or interrupted or switched off .

Gas Year:   A 12 month period beginning on 1 st October and ending 30 th September

Guardian:   Guardian Energy Limited, the energy consultancy.

Interruptible:   A supply that is not Firm

Kw:     Kilowatt

Kwh:     Kilowatt Hour

LCPD: EU Large Combustion Plant Directive, effective 1st January 2008

LDZ:     Local Distribution Zone

LNG:     Liquid Natural Gas

"M" number:   Common term for gas MRPN

MO:     Meter Operator

MPRN:     Meter Registration Point Number "M" number

MWh:     Megawatt Hour

NBP:     Notional Balancing Point

NC:     The Network Code

NGC:     National Grid Company

NGT: National Grid Transco

NTS:     National Transmission System

Ofgem:     Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

P/kwh:     Pence per kilowatt hour

P/Th:     Pence per Therm

P/Therm:   Pence per Therm

SAP:     System Average Price

SMP:     System Marginal Price

Therm:     A unit of energy, 1 therm = approx 29.31Kwh

Transco:     UK Gas Network Owner now merged with NGC

UKOOA: United Kindom Offshore Operators' Association

WACOG:   Weighted Average Cost of Gas

WAP:     Weighted Average Price

WDNW:   Working Days Next Week

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