Glossary - Electricity

BSC:     Balancing and Settlement Code

BSUoS:     Balancing Services Use of System

Carbon Reduction Scheme (CRC) now renamed CRC - see below

CCL:     Climate Change Levy

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

DA:     Data Aggregator

DC:     Data Collector

Duos:     Distribution Use of System

EAC:     Estimated Annual Consumption

Elexon:     Elexon Limited, known as the BSC Co in the BSC

FFL:     Fossil Fuel Levy

GSP:     Bulk Supply Point

Guardian:   Guardian Energy Limited, the energy consultancy.

HH:     Half Hourly

Kw:     Kilowatt

Kwh:     Kilowatt Hour

Kva:     Kilo-Volt Ampere

LCPD: EU Large Combustion Plant Directive, effective 1st January 2008

LEC:     (CCL) Levy Exemption Certificate

LLF:     Line Loss Factor

MAM:     Meter Asset Maintenance

MAP:     Meter Asset Provider

MDD:     Market Domain Data

MOP:     Meter Operator Party

MPAN:     Meter Point Administration Number

MRA:     Master Registration Agreement

MW:     Megawatt

MWh:     Megawatt Hour

NGC:     National Grid Company

NGT: National Grid Transco

NHH:     Non Half Hourly

Ofgem:     Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

P/kwh:     Pence per kilowatt hour

RO:     Renewable Obligation

ROC:     Renewable Obligation Certificate

SBP:     System Buy Price

SSP:     System Sell Price

TNUoS:     Transmission Network Use of System

Tuos:     Transmission Use of System

Energy Procurement