Energy Procurement - UK Oil

Over the last few years UK industry has significantly reduced its oil burning as organisations have switched to cheaper gas supplies with the added bonus of greater convenience and being more environmentally friendly.  However some companies still rely on oil whether it be for heating or road fuel. With oil prices rising dramatically those needing to burn gas-oil and heavy fuel oil are under increased pressure to buy at the lowest price. Like electricity and gas, market knowledge and market information are crucial in order to get best value.

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The use of diesel fuel continues to increase with the number of lorries steadily growing and the rapid change from petrol cars to diesel cars. The dramatic increase recently in oil prices is forcing large fleets to sharpen up their diesel procurement. The large fleet user has many options, bulk fuel, fuel bunkering, fuel swaps and fleet cards etc. The economics of these alternatives are not straight forward, therefore talk to the people that understand the business, contact Guardian Energy.

Some oil market prices are available on this web site under the "Market Prices" page, see above.

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