Energy Procurement - UK gas

The liberalisation of the gas markets has bought many benefits to customers but at a cost of greater complexity and higher risk for customers and now that energy prices are higher, energy costs are ever more important. For these reasons the large majority of customers have out-sourced their energy procurement to specialist independent energy consultants like Guardian Energy as we can provide the service at a lower cost and normally achieve low prices and lower risk.


Guardian Energy are unique in that the majority of our staff have been recruited from the energy supply industry and their inside knowledge is used for the benefit of our customers. In order to achieve a low cost and low risk gas supply, contact Guardian Energy.

If you use gas then you will find it an advantage to talk to Guardian Energy particularly if you would like to achieve low cost, low risk gas supply.  To contact Guardian Energy .

Natural gas market prices are available on this web site under the "Market Prices" page.

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