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The liberalisation of the electricity markets and more recently the introduction of Neta has bought many benefits to customers.  However Neta has also introduced significantly more complexity and risk for customers and now that energy prices have risen, energy costs are even more important. For these reasons a large number of businesses have out-sourced their energy procurement to specialist independent energy consultants like ourselves. We can provide a high quality service at a lower cost and without binding you to any long term contract commitments.  With our reputation for innovation and by using our inside knowledge, we expect to achieve both lower prices and lower risk for our customers.


Guardian Energy are unique in that the majority of our staff have been recruited from the energy supply industry and their inside knowledge is used for the benefit of our customers.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme previously known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) - This new CRC scheme affects all customers with Half Hourly metering (medium & larger customers), but if the scheme applies then the energy consumption is extended to include all other energy sources and all sites within the group of companies.  Exemptions exist for those customers with a CCA or those with an annual consumption of less than 3 million kwh/annum but those customers using in excess of 3 million kwh/annum will have reporting requirements and those with consumption in excess of 6 million kwh/annum with additional administration and costs.  These additional costs can be mitigated by improved energy efficiency.  We would be pleased to assist customers in providing both advice and support services.

If your business uses electricity then you will find it an advantage to talk to Guardian Energy particularly if you would like to achieve low cost, low risk electricity supply.  Please contact Guardian Energy.

Electricity market prices are available on this web site under the "Market Prices" page.

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