Energy Efficency - Overview

Whilst the effects of global warming are not fully understood, most believe that a no regrets policy is the safest solution. With dwindling energy reserves and the effects of global warming believed to be caused by burning fossil fuels it is important that we protect the environment for the future. Energy prices are rising and therefore saving energy makes both environmental, moral and economic sense.

The Guardian Energy approach to energy conservation is to identify the easy savings which are normally good house keeping measures before moving on to the more complex areas where capital expenditure is required.  The main principle being that effective energy conservation should be driven by economics thereby all measures taken should produce real savings and therefore tangable benefits for the customer.

Energy Efficiency Services:

Guardian Energy provide a range of energy services to suit their customers needs and include the following:-

•   Energy Audits - to identify energy saving opportunities, thereby producing financial savings.

•   Energy Project Management - turning energy efficiency ideas into real energy and cost savings.

•   Energy  Training - energy efficiency training tailored to suit your needs.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme previously known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) - This new CRC scheme affects all customers with Half Hourly metering (medium & larger customers), but if the scheme applies then the energy consumption is extended to include all other energy sources and all sites within the group of companies.  Exemptions exist for those customers with a CCA or those with an annual consumption of less than 3 million kwh/annum but those customers using in excess of 3 million kwh/annum will have reporting requirements and those with consumption in excess of 6 million kwh/annum with additional administration and costs.  These additional costs can be mitigated by improved energy efficiency.  We would be pleased to assist customers in providing both advice and support services.

If you want to save energy and reduce your energy costs, contact Guardian Energy and we are confident that we can help you achieve your objectives.

Energy Procurement