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21st December 2005:  The Guardian Energy team win BOTH (electricity and Gas) annual energy competitions run by HEREN ENERGY.  These competitions are open to all generators, suppliers and energy consultants.

7th October 2005: Market prices updated.

22nd June 2005: Spain hit new record high power demand of 37.87GW exceeding the previous high set on Monday 21st June 2005.

27th January 2005: Spain records another new record high gas demand due to freezing conditions.

26th January 2005: Spain records record gas demand due to freezing weather.

26th January 2005: France records record high electricity demand due to freezing weather.

25th Jaunary 2005: Spain records record high electricity demand due to freezing weather.

14th January 2005: Market prices updated.

22nd November 2004: Powernext, the French electricity exchange, set a weekly volume record of 347,735 MWh during week 46, (8th-14th November).

22nd October 2004: Market prices updated and Coal market prices have been added.

17th September 2004: Market prices updated and training section updated

23rd July 2004: Italy - new record high electricity demand set, exceeding previous winter peak

30th June 2004:  Spain, today hit record high electricity demand, overtaking previous winter peak for first time

25th June 2004: The  Norwegian government orders North Sea operators and unions to compulsory arbitration, therefore oil and gas production should be restored within days.

25th June 2004: OFGEM clears NGC for the 2003 London and Birmingham blackouts but says there is room for improvement.

24th June 2004:  Norwegian, North Sea oil and gas workers strike escalates and therefore reducing oil and gas supplies and driving prices higher.

17th June 2004: Oil market prices added.

17th June 2004: EU - ETS market prices added.

15th June 2004:  Glossary updated.

11th June 2004:  Energy prices soften a little but no major changes.

7th June 2004:  Oil prices slowly easing which is welcome news for customers.

3rd June 2004:  OPEC announces 2 million barrels day increase in exports plus 0.5 million more in August.  Oil prices start to fall, by 6pm Brent crude has fallen to $35.92 barrel.

3rd June 2004: OPEC are meeting today to decide on production/export levels in a bid to reduce the very high oil prices.

3rd June 2004: New Glossary sections added to the website.

1st June 2004:  Energy price graphs added to this web site along with other updates.

28th May 2004:  OFGEM publishes it's long awaited report into the high gas prices during October 2003 and November 2003.  Regretfully the report is only an interim report with OFGEM saying further investigations are required.  The FSA is also investigating this matter.

28th May 2004:  The all new Guardian Energy Limited web site launched.  The web site is being updated daily and once complete will offer a wide range of technical information and energy market prices.

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