About us - Overview

We are independent energy consultants with a reputation for innovation, technical and commercial excellence offering a wide range of customer energy procurement, energy efficiency, invoice validation and meter reading services in the UK and the EU.  Our services are tailored to fit the individual needs of our customers and are all based upon providing good value.  We do not request long term contracts from our customers but hope to retain our customers business through our good all round performance and by customer choice.

If you are a business or industrial energy user then you will find it valuable to talk to us without obligation regardless of your fuel used.

 *  Gas Interruption Auction: We can offer advice and assist you with your bidding strategy. 

Guardian Energy are unique in that all their staff are recruited from the energy supply industry and therefore bring a wealth of inside knowledge which is used for the benefit of our customers. As long as you are a business user, whether you want to reduce your energy prices, reduce your energy consumption or ideally both then Guardian Energy will be able to provide a guaranteed quality service to meet your needs, please contact us.

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